Curriculum Vitae

Ivalo Christa Abelsen

Born in Nuuk, Greenland, 1971



Education and Courses:

  • Master's degree in Culture & Social History
  • Teacher of visual arts and design
  • Art School in Nuuk
  • Diploma of Education at the University and High school
  • Didactics in history and cultural studies
  • Course in crafts and design

Artistic activities:

  • Separate exhibitions: Summer exhibition in Katuaq / Nuuk, Sermermiut / Ilulissat, Taseralik / Sisimiut, Bank of Greenland in Nuuk, The Greenlandic House in Aarhus.
  • Group exhibitions: KIMIK's exhibitions at Katuaq / Nuuk, Nuuk Art Museum, Nunatta Katersugaasivia and The Greenlandic House in Copenhagen. "Essence": Greenland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, "SILA": Sermermiut / Ilulissat, Taseralik / Sisimiut, Qaqortoq Museum, Nordatlantiske Brykke / DK and Granville / France.
  • Decoration: BankNordik, flowers and plants, copper plates. May 2018.
  • Stamps for Tele Post, "Fangerliv", "KIMIK", "Moderne Kunst 1/3 III.
  • Member of KIMIK, the Greenlandic artists' association.
  • Represented by the books: "KIMIK UKIUT 20 YEARS" by KIMIK, "100 years of Greenlandic visual art by Jørgen Trondhjem and" Greenlandic Contemporary Artist "by Camilla Augustinus. Co-author of "KIMIK UKIUT 20 YEARS".
  • Government's Cultural Work Scholarship, Nunafoundation, Aage V. Jensen's Foundation.


Teaching experience:

  • University, Institute of Learning: Arts and architecture, crafts and design, arts and crafts
  • Art school in Nuuk: drawing, color theory, perspective / architecture, watercolor and acrylic painting, setting up exhibition.           
  • High school: Visual arts, cultural studies, history and study methodology. 

Work experience:

  • Current employment: Assistant Professor at Ilisimatusarfik / Institute of Learning·
  • Guest teacher at the Art School in Nuuk
  • Assistant Professor at GUX-Nuuk
  • Government's Cultural Scholarship
  •  Registration of Art in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooqs and Nuuk Art Museum